School Programs

Our school is fully committed to serve our typical and special needs students, and their families with excellence. Our faculty, staff, materials, technology and different resources are tailored to meet our students’ individual needs.

Biblical Curriculum

As a Christian ministry, we take the Biblical growth of our students very seriously! Our main priority is to teach and inspire our students to have a relationship with God through the study of the Bible, prayer, worship and the testimony of our faculty and staff. We are constantly seeking God’s direction in the way we teach our students. Our faculty and staff come together every morning for a Biblical teaching and prayer. We take prayer requests from our school families, and we truly and earnestly pray for all of them. We prayerfully choose the Bible curriculum for every year, but our main textbook is the Bible. Our school is blessed to have experienced Biblical leadership that is our Bible team. Our students have Bible class daily, and chapel every Friday. Below is our current Bible curriculum.

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This school year students will explore the Old Testament and the New Testament books through specific grade-level curriculums from Positive Action. Daily lessons will include fun-filled Biblical visual aids and hands-on activities to reinforce the scriptures. Students will be learning Bible verses and inviting God into their classrooms through prayer every day. In addition, students will learn about God’s love, His character, His wonderful gifts, and how to grow closer to Him through His Word. On Fridays, all Elementary students will join and participate in a Chapel time that will include prayer, worship songs, and a positive message.


6th Grade

Walking in Truth-The Christian Worldview

Worldview focus – Christian answers to worldview questions about God, the universe, people, truth, and right and wrong.

Bible Survey Themes: The Acts of the Apostles

• The birth, early growth, and persecution of the church.
• Peter takes the gospel to the Gentiles.
• The spread of the gospel to Judea and Samaria.
• The spread of the gospel to Syria, Greece, and Turkey.
• The spread of the gospel to the ends of the earth.
• Paul’s arrest, trial, and journey to Rome.

7th Grade

Walking in Truth-Competing Worldviews

Worldview focus – Evaluation, analysis, and critique of Islam, naturalism, and new spirituality in comparison with Christianity.

Bible Survey Themes: Romans, 1 and 2 Corinthians
• Sin, faith, and salvation.
• Free from sin, alive in Christ.
• Moral issues in the church.
• Worship, the Lord’s Supper, and spiritual gifts.
• The certainty of the resurrection.
• God’s ambassadors.

8th Grade

Walking in Truth-Christianity in Action

Worldview focus – Cultural engagement and life application of the Christian worldview within the disciplines of theology, philosophy, ethics, psychology, sociology, biology, and history.

Bible Survey Themes: Epistles
• Paul’s counsel to the churches.
• Mentoring a young pastor.
• The superiority of Christ.
• Faith lived out.
• Humility and hope.
• Love, faith, and the last days.


9th Grade

General overview of the Old Testament.
Students learn what the main theme of each book in the Old Testament is about, along with a Keyword or phrase to help them remember. There is also a memory verse every week.

10th Grade

General overview of the New Testament.
Students learn what the main theme of each book of the New Testament is about, along with a Keyword or phrase to help them remember. There is also a memory verse every week.

11th and 12th Grade

Bible Application.
Students study practical ways to apply truths from the Bible to their everyday lives through Bible studies.


We are committed to prepare our students to make a difference in this world. Every subject is approached from a Christian perspective, and our students will find Scripture and biblical principles used to emphasize or illustrate concepts. The following is a list of curriculums used that help us tailor our differentiated instruction to meet our students’ needs.


A-beka is a comprehensive Christian curriculum that inspires learning & teaches Biblical values. Combine high academic standards with captivating lessons that build from day to day . . . and year to year. Shape not just what children know, but who they become with character-building content that reinforces biblical values. Tackle every year knowing teachers have what they need to succeed—and our students do, too. A-beka is a curriculum for Teachers by Teachers, carefully crafted content. A-beka curriculum includes:

• Lesson plans that break each lesson down into manageable steps
• Content guided by the unfailing compass of God’s Word
• Visually stimulating textbooks & visual aids for preschool–12th grade
• Teacher editions with ideas to guide classroom discussion, teaching tips, & more

Purposeful Design

Since the mid-1980s, Purposeful Design Publications, a division of ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International), has provided resources and assessments, including academically rigorous textbooks that are intentionally rooted in biblical truth, to equip schools and educators with the tools to eternally transform the hearts and minds of children.


PACE (Packets of Accelerated Christian Education) is a modified curriculum that is used for our ESE (Exceptional Student Education) students. PACE takes academic subject matter and divides it into bite-sized, achievable units. PACE integrates Godly character building lessons into the academic content. They also are carefully designed to develop thinking skills and create mastery learning. PACE allows each student to absorb subject material according to their own learning ability, with personalized teacher assistance.

When beginning with PACE, students are given an assessment/placement test to determine their starting level. As they progress through the PACE, students are regularly assessed through Check-ups that help determine areas that need further review, and help students toward mastery. PACE progress is documented at the end of each grading period, and at the end of the school year a summary report will be sent home, as well as put in the student’s file.


Our Enrichment/Elective program is designed to inspire, motivate and enable our typical and special needs students to achieve their full potential. Below are the different courses offered to our students for the 2023-2024 school year.

Arts & Crafts

Cooking Class (HS only)

Dance for Performance (Girls only)

Event & Party Planning

Game Club


Teacher’s Aide (HS only)