Below you will find a list of our staff and a contact email:



Principal: Ms. Monica Upegui



Vice Principal: Mrs. Solange Cuesta




Business Manager: Mrs. Cassandra Soutar



Receptionist: Mrs. Roselind Verona



K5 Teacher: Mrs. Kathleen Youngman



1st Grade Teacher: Mrs. Gertrudis Marin



2nd Grade Teacher: Ms. Lucy Chavez



3rd Grade Teacher: Mrs. Rochely Garcia



4th Grade Teacher: Miss Kelly Diaz




5th Grade Teacher: Mrs. Jacqualine Campbell



6th Grade & Bible Teacher: Mrs. Laura Dunn



7th Grade & English Teacher: Mrs. Alexandra Rovira



8th Grade & Math Teacher: Miss. Kristyn Moriyon



9th-10th Grade & Science Teacher: Mrs. Elsa Gerardo



11th-12th Grade & History Teacher: Mrs. Carol Alvarado



High School Bible Teacher: Mrs. Kerry Kelso




Resource Class & Computer Lab Coordinator: Miss. Patricia Perez




Math & P.E. Teacher: Coach Alexander Monsalve



Extended Care Counselor: Mrs. Dulcy Healey




Extended Care Counselor: Miss. Angelika Amendola



If you would like to contact the Pastor of Faith Church of the Redlands (our sponsoring church), you may email Pastor Vinnie Kelso here:


Pastor: Mr. Vinnie Kelso